The Online Betslip Explained

What is a betslip?

The history

The betslip is used when betting from a retail outlet in your locality. As soon as the punter, (person who bets), submits the selected bets from the betting list provided, he/she is given a betslip. This betslip includes all the bets that the punter has made, their stakes placed and the respective odds of the selections.

Premier Bet’s Betslip

Premier Bet’s online betslip can be found both on mobile and desktop. As soon as you make a selection on the mobile device, a number on the top of the betslip button (bottom of the screen) will appear. The number corresponds with the total number of selections you have made. Click on the betslip button and a summary of your bets will appear. For further detail on how to use the betslip, keep on reading the next section.

How to use a betslip?

Premier Bet’s betlsip allows you to make all the combinations possible for your selections. You can bet;

Betslip Introduction

Single Bets

As soon as you choose your selections, the default setting is set to ‘Single’. The single option advices our betslip system that you prefer to Not Combine the odds and treat them as a separate bet. Therefore, if one bet from your selections loses, it will not effect the outcome of the other bets.

Combination Bets

Betslip Combination Bets

When you choose the ‘Combi’ option from the dropdown in our betslip, your selections will be combined. Therefore, if one of your selection loses, you will lose the entire bet. The advantage of combination bets is that the more selection you have in your betslip, the greater the odds and payout will be if you win. From the example, we can note that the odds for the two matches are 2.70 and 1.28 respectively. Your total odds will be: 2.70 x 1.28, giving you a total of 3.46 in odds.

Our suggestion

If you’re just starting out, try a couple of single bets and get familiar with the teams. Go and check our soccer bet tips so that you can have a clear direction on what you should work on. Once you have a good knowledge of the teams, the leagues and overall situation football is in, go ahead and try an accumulator (combination bet) out.

Switching between Single Bets & Accumulator Bets

Switching Bet Types

If you decide to switch to single bets from an accumulator on our betslip, the bets will once again be treated as separate bets. If you prefer this option, you can either input a stake that will be the same for all the single bets, or you can choose a different stake for each bet.

System bets

System Bets

System bets are geared for the more experienced punters. In the example below, we have 4 selections. If the ‘Play All’ option is selected, the system will input all the possible combinations that can be made for these 4 selections:

Placing bets on the betslip

Once you enter your stakes, select the ‘Place Bet’ button so that the bets will be entered in our system and the stake is taken from the money you have deposited earlier. If you’re not sure how to deposit, check our quick deposit faq section that will brief you with all the necessary details.

Accepting Odds Changes

Odds changed notification

System Bets

Sometimes our system changes the odds due to a penalty or any other unforeseen circumstance. Once that happens, an orange notification will appear on your screen about the change in the odds. If you have a wide range of selections and combinations, you can simply ‘Accept Changes’ before placing your bets so that the notification bar will not appear for every single change.

How do I check my bets after submitting my betslip?

Once you place your bet, you can always open the ‘My Bets’ section from the bottom toolbox. Once the section is selected, a new window with a summary of all your bets will open up. The My Bets section will also allow you to view all the settled bets with the option of filtering them according to: