Turn your ordinary bet into a PowerBet

Online, on desktop or in person, there are now more opportunities for you to place a power bet than ever before and with many ways to boost your potential winnings, Premier Bet is most definitely Ghana’s number one gambling platform. Powerbetting in shop One way to powerbet, is to make use of our exciting bonus offers and what better way to win big, than by activating our odds boosts. Our daily boost offers, will maximise your betting slip and enhance your chances of earning more cash.

Offers that you can use to PowerBet

PowerBet Promotion

Cash Back Boosts

For each Cash Back Boost there will be specified conditions, such if as one leg of an ACCA lets you down, or if a game ends 0-0, and if the boost loses but the Cash Back conditions are met then we will refund your stake as cash.

PowerBet Promotion

Loyalty Club

Betting with us just got better! Opt-in to our Loyalty Club and get up to 50 GHS in rewards every week! To qualify, simply bet at least 1 GHS in total each week on your favourite sports with minimum odds of 2.00.

PowerBet Promotion

250% Mega Bonus

Get up to 250% extra cash on your winnings from 2 up to 25 selections – automatically added to your betslip! Your Mega Bonus will be added to all bets of 2 or more selections at odds of at least 1.30 per selection.

PowerBet Promotion

Cash out

The ability to cash out now puts you in charge and if you are a believer that some winnings are better than nothing at all, then hit that button and collect a portion of your original financial rewards.

PowerBet Promotion

Odds Boost

Odds boosts are simple. We boost the odds on particular selections, usually on a big game or games. We take the odds of the selections and then boost them, so you get the best price and can win more.

PowerBet Promotion

Premier 6 Football

The fun does not stop there and with our Premier 6 prediction game being FREE for you to enter, there is no better opportunity to test your football knowledge. Simply predict six correct scores each week and you will win 150,000 GHS.

PowerBet Android Application

If it is the English Premier League that has grabbed your attention, then look no further and if you want to back the likes of Manchester City or Liverpool to victory, you can do so via our official Android mobile app.

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Best Leagues to place your power bets on

Premier League

Premier League Betting

The Premier League is home to the top English teams and international football players from across the globe. The fast-paced league features the top 20 soccer teams and their dramatic matches.

Champions League

Champions League Betting

Home to the biggest clubs in Europe and the world’s best talents, the UEFA Champions League is a competition that generates worldwide interest and if you are looking to back your favourite foreign outfits.

PowerBet Tips

  1. Know the teams in the league – If you don’t know who Manchester City, Chelsea or Bayern are put your powerbet career on pause and watch several football-related videos so that you can understand the strengths and weaknesses of each team. Each team performs differently when they play; Away or when they play Home. There is a saying that the ‘home support’ of Liverpool is their 12th player. That phrase gives you the insight that Liverpool is far stronger when they play at home, rather than away.
  2. Understand the current conditions – Football in 2020/21 has taken a weird turn. Have you noticed that the ‘in-stadium support’ is actually recorded? The stadiums are practically empty of supporters. That fact almost eliminates the ‘home advantage’. The recent Covid virus has also been affecting several football teams. Therefore, keep an eye out on who is Sick/Injured and who is going to be playing during the match day. During the Premier League, Liverpool has experienced 6 injured players at one point.
  3. Understand the betting markets– We offer over 50 different betting markets on our platform. Each betting market has a different strategy involved;
  4. Study the League’s groups-The groups in the group stages are chosen at random. Sometimes there might be one or two strong teams paired up with another 3 or 4 weaker teams. Therefore, you will have to adjust your powerbet strategy and since the stronger teams will have smaller odds to win. Betting on the stronger team is a safe start, but you’ll have to up your stakes to receive an acceptable level of winnings.
  5. The team’s form– Each team has a different story that plays a large part in the team’s outcome. New coaches are hired and fired, new players are recruited in order to bolster the defensive or attacking capabilities of the teams and mid-field players are hired to increase the ball’s possesion. Each new update and change will affect the team’s cohesion and performance. Keep up-to-date with the latest team updates so that you can make informed powerbet decisions.

How To powerbet

powerbet offer

When To Bet

The best time to Bet is usually when there are the big Premier League or other important and season changing matches. The timing depends on your preferences as a punter. You can also bet on the smaller league matches that have higher odds but might be more unpredictable. Your next choice is whether you will take part in Pre-Match powerBets or whether you will make Live Bets. The live bets are definitely more exciting and there are many more betting types that you can choose from. The Pre-Match bets are somewhat more limited and once they are set, it’s a waiting game.